Panel #1 – The Intersection of Design and the Science of Happiness

The Intersection of Design and the Science of Happiness: Building cohesive, socially healthy cities (in the context of Urban Planning, Anthropology, and the Health Sciences).


Tiiu Poldma PhD. FDRS CFERDIE, IDEC, IDC, Designer d’intérieur certifié APDIQ® is full professor, School of Design (Université de Montréal), Director-FoCoLUM Lighting Lab/GRID, CRIR regular researcher.


Prof. Patrick Condon – Notable Canadian urban designer, planner, educator, and author whose career spans nearly 40 years. He is the James Taylor Chair in Landscape and Liveable Environments at the University of British Columbia and has published several books in the field of sustainability and public engagement.

Paty Rios – With an interdisciplinary background in architecture, urban design, ethnography, and participatory design, Paty is a researcher focusing on social well-being in the built environment.

Charley Scull – Visual anthropologist, ethnographer, and documentarian whose varied research touches many areas including health care, pharmaceuticals, transportation, and the importance of green spaces and place-making.